Tinde High School Opens New Dormitory

The Methodist community and the whole community of Tinde were gathered at Tinde High School to mark an important milestone in the life of the church. This was after what was a pipe dream and an insurmountable task had been achieved, i.e. the completion and official opening of the Dormitory.  In his speech, the Principal of Tinde High School Revd Flint Mutimbanyoka said:

“The grand opening of this new dormitory was a testament to the church’s drive towards human development and how the spiritual and social imperatives matching in building up responsible learners. It is in this vein that the facility will bring the much-needed dignity and improved boarding environment for our students. It is also reaffirming the church’s commitment in augmenting the government’s drive towards an empowered community. By including education on the key pillars of the church I am tempted to tap from the wisdom of John Wesley when he characterises the importance of education, and l quote: “The grand end of education is to cure the general diseases of human nature”. As a diseased people we need various solutions that come as a panacea to deal with the virulent nature of social ills defined by impoverishment and debilitating moral deficit amongst other vices. The world is bankrupt of everyday solutions. It is through the vehicle of education that we have a transformed and healthy populace. This structure in its imposing state broadcasts our intentions to ensure a holistic and pragmatic development of humaneness (Ubuntu, hunhu, unhu, untu) amongst our people and communities. Congratulations P.B and the entire church for seeing this project through.”

A reflection on the journey leading to the official opening shows that there were numerous engagements, meetings, and prayers which were necessary to carve a shared vision and orientation. There were ups and downs but the resilience paid off and at the end it is the inherent human spirit which triumphs. Acknowledgements goes to the intervention of the former Presiding Bishop’s office through Revd Dr Solomon Zwana who seeded 10,000 bricks and 100bags of cement in 2018 to ensure that the project kick starts and the bold efforts of the previous board led by Mr S. Munamba. The commitment of our District Bishops, Revds Dr Vincent Ncube, Isaac Mudenda and Dr Greenwell Chigova, our Principals Revds Jeremiah Mangiza, Bekithemba Phiri and the incumbent Flint Mutimbanyoka cannot go unmentioned. The Connexional Office adopted this project in 2022 and under the graceful leadership of our Presiding Bishop Revd George T. Mawire and his team a donation of $37 700 was seeded to complete the dormitory. Appreciation also goes to the administration and staff who broke their backs and burnt the midnight candle to ensure that this project sees the day. The SDC on an equal measure remained pivotal in the culmination of this marvel.  This collective commitment is imprinted in the Tinde High School gallery and eternal gratefulness is expressed. “Kutambula mbulozi (Kusatenda huroyi), Kuvula nkubotu kwakakkakwa abalozi (Kuwanda kwakanaka kwakarambwa nemuroyi)”.

In commissioning the block the Presiding Bishop Revd George T. Mawire highlighted that there is still a huge task that lies ahead and it is possible to ensure the completion of this grand project of transforming Tinde High School into the enclave of boarding schooling in the Zambezi peninsula by 2025. The stakeholders including the church, community, financiers, parents, staff and learners must continue to work in harmony. This we must unequivocally do to motivate other players to join in and support this cause. In congratulating Tinde High School on this major feat and celebrating the opening of this new facility he urged not be blind other developments happening around the school.