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Southern Africa Methodist University

About The University
The Southern Africa Methodist University is a project of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe. The University shall operate on a Charter approved by the Government of Zimbabwe as accredited by the Zimbabwe Council for Higher Education. Although a Church University, SAMU shall be open to all qualified people regardless of race, colour, creed, gender or disability.
To that extent there shall be no discrimination with regard to Faculty members, teaching staff and students from the region and abroad. Every effort shall be made to promote Christian principles and values among the members of the University Community.

SAMU shall be an internationally renowned University dedicated to the furtherance of God’s work, the promotion and restoration of human values and a culture of excellence in learning.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to provide of a context for the optimum development and promotion of intellect, skills, attitudes and Christian values through a conducive, stimulating and creative research focused learning environment for service to humanity.

The University shall strive to meet the needs of diverse and plural groups in society by cultivating intellectual habits of tolerance in the spiritual, social, vocational and civic life of its scholars.

The University will be an independent non-profit, non-partisan, and equal opportunity institution. The University will aim to provide a broad spectrum of disciplines and learning opportunities. SAMU will offer undergraduate and graduate programmes in selected areas of importance to Zimbabwean society and the region. The University will be open to all ideas, and freedom of academic expression is fundamental to its mission. High standards of academic achievement, professional behavior and moral conduct are expected of all members of the University Community.

The University shall provide an environment in which students will be educated to achieve an appreciation of their own cultural heritage, become aware of their responsibility to society, and prepare themselves for successful careers and leadership. The University will place emphasis on excellence in teaching and research.

University Governance
SAMU shall be a self governing independent University awarding its own degrees, diplomas and certificates.
The Governance of the University will be by a Council representative of all its stakeholders. Internal academic affairs shall be presided over by the Senate.

The Objectives of SAMU are:
(i) To preserve, transmit and enhance knowledge for the benefit of people of Zimbabwe, Southern Africa and the world;
(ii) To empower students to enhance the formation of their fundamental capabilities, by assisting them to think critically and to be skilful in communication and methods of enquiry;
(iii) To create a sense of public responsibility and to promote respect for learning and pursuit of the truth and meaning of human life;

Waddilove Institution
Waddilove is a Methodist Institution situated about 75 kilometers South East of Harare on the Watershed road. It lies 25 kilometers south of Marondera, the Provincial Capital of Mashonaland East Province of Zimbabwe. The institution was established in 1891 as a Methodist Station by the Missionary Reverend John White.. The name Waddilove was in honour of Sir Joshua K. Waddilove, an English Philanthropist and founder of Provident Financial. Sir Waddilove bequeathed 1,000pounds sterling for the construction of two big dormitory complexes at the institution. The institution has seen the training of Agricultural Officers, Nurses, Teachers and now boasts of an internationally renowned High school and Primary school. A number of eminent persons in Zimbabwe passed through this esteemed institution.

1. Faculty of Architecture, Rural and Urban Development
2. Faculty of Arts, History and Cultural heritage
3. Faculty of Business Administration and Management
4. Faculty of Earth, Environment and Agriculture
5. Faculty of Health Sciences
6. Faculty of Theology and Development
7. Faculty of Education
8. Faculty of Sports Science and Physical Education
9. Faculty of Computer Technology, Information and information systems
10. Faculty of International Law, Diplomacy and Peace

1. Rev. Farai J. Chirisa – Former Bishop of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe

Ex-Officio Members
1. Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe
2. Connexional Lay President of the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe
3. General Secretary
4. Principals and Heads of Methodist Church in Zimbabwe Schools.

Special Appeal
The University is a Methodist Church in Zimbabwe project approved by the MCZ Conference of 1994 and accepted by all Synods in 1995. SAMU’s development is therefore dependent on contributions by the membership of the church.

SAMU minimum contribution per member shall be

Urban Societies $ 10
Rural Societies $ 5
Our target is to raise $100 million.

We also appreciate donations in kind:
Human resources,
Construction materials,
Instruction materials and

Your opportunity to contribute to a lasting legacy….

SAMU Day is Sunday 28th September 2014

Ground Breaking Ceremony is on Saturday 18th October 2014 at Waddilove

Kindly send donations in cash or kind to;
Bank : FBC Bank
Branch: Samora Machel Avenue
Acc .No: 1010248370637

For further additional information please contact:
The Secretary
Southern Africa Methodist University
P.O. Box CY71 – Causeway – Harare