Revd B Chinhara

1, PREAMBLE: Everything begins with an idea. God had an idea to create the world. He had an idea to create human beings. He also had an idea to send Jesus. Everybody does what they do with an idea. God begins by pouring an idea from Heaven. Then it becomes a concept. Methods are needed to achieve an idea, based on certain principles. Principles are absolutes but methods are variables. We will not be married to a particular method but to principles. The Mission Department has an idea and a vision of the things we want to achieve by 2022. We exist as a Church for the furtherance of God’s work, mainly in the area of winning souls and nurturing Disciples of Christ. We also exist to offer a total Christ to the total person, be it socially, psychologically, and economically to mention but a few. One fundamental thing is not to miss the mark on the most important thing in this mission. 2, VISION 2022 Methodist Church in Zimbabwe is praying for a harvest of 200 000 members by 2022 from the current 120 000 and continue to nurture them into true believers of Christ. The Church is hoping to do more in its call to Christian Social Responsibility. Our priority list contained herein and other ancillary items not mentioned is what we want to achieve by 2022.

3, MODUS OPERAND: Since the creation of the world, Partnership with individuals, groups and organizations has been God’s principle and mode of operation to achieve His goals. God is all powerful, all seeing, all present, to mention but a few attributes, yet since the creation of humanity, He has never done anything without a human being. When God wanted Israel out of Egypt, He came down to deliver them but sent Moses to do the work (Exodus 37 Vs 10). Then the Lord said to Moses. “I have surely seen the affiliation of my people, I have come down to deliver them….., Come Moses, I will send you to Pharaoh.” When God wanted the birth of a Holy Nation, He partnered with Abraham. And when He wanted His Son on planet earth, He partnered with Mary and Joseph. After the death of Moses, He partnered with Joshua to take Jews into the Promised Land (Joshua 1 Vs 1-2). For the Gospel to spread, Jesus partnered with the disciples. (Mathew 28 Vs 19-20). “Go yee therefore and make disciples of all nations.” One fundamental principle in this partnership is that God normally invests Himself in human beings. Mathew 25 Vs 40. “Truly I say to you, when you did it to one of the least you did it to me.” Mission Department is taking partnership direction to fulfil vision 2022 through Networking.

4, NETWORKING The new currency in our days is social capital- the collective value of whom we know and what we will do for each other. Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, Mission Department has faith that God is going to raise Partners for vision 2022. This networking is making links from people we know to people they know, in an organized way, for a specific purpose while remaining committed to doing our part.

5, OUR IMAGINATION: Methodist Church in Zimbabwe, Mission Department holds that, “You can’t go where you can’t see.” Our imagination is our vision and a revelation from God. We are visualizing something that is not manifest in the physical world around us. Our minds are renewed with His word and we are following Him. We have the ability to see by the Spirit things that do not yet exist, experiences we have not yet experienced and ideas we have never encountered. Proverbs 29 Vs 18, “Where there is no vision people perish……” Mission department calls you to partner with us in the following, short term, medium term and long term projects. You can help in various forms, for example availing resources, technical advice and information, mobilizing resources, linking us with right people to mention but a few.

6.1 PA System and Media (SHORT TERM) Soul winning is our first priority. Mathew 4 Vs 19. “Follow me and I will make you fishers of men.” No one was primarily called to be a steward, treasurer or secretary but to be fishers of men. Whatever we do and positions we have is ancillary to the main business of soul winning. The PA System will go round the nation for Mass Gospel Crusades working with local churches and new converts will be planted into these local churches. The PA System will also be used for our national gatherings and must speak to over one hundred thousand people. The Mission Department will make sure a business unit will be created for the PA System hiring and Media production.

6.2 MEDIA: The unit will be responsible with live video productions that will be screened on the big screens during the event. The unit will be able to produce instant DVD’s for sermons preached through the duplicators. Congregants will be able to go home with sermons preached at a given congregation each time media people are available.

6.2.1 TV STATION High quality equipment for the media unit will be needed as it will be used to produce material for our imagined TV Station for the Methodist Church In Zimbabwe, and on platforms like YouTube or slots on already established TV stations.

The Department together with Evangelism Team would like to take the gospel to rural areas and some places do not have electricity and the generator is ideal and will work as back up in areas where there is electricity.

6.4 BOXED LORRY (MEDIUM TERM) The lorry will carry and transport PA System, Media equipment, generator and stage.

6.5 STAGE, TENT & CHAIRS (SHORT TERM) This is a special stage which is easily put together and easily dismantled with a carrying capacity of about 150 people. Townships, growth points, market places, grounds and open spaces will be targeted for soul winning Mass Gospel Crusades and a tent will be ideal, a 5000 seater tent.

6.6 DAILY DEVOTIONS (SHORT TERM) The Mission Department is looking for partners who can link us with a service provider. Technical people and advice is needed. Congregants will access upon subscribing monthly to a service provider and church get monthly dividends. These daily devotions will follow our Church calendar but strictly spiritual for spiritual growth.

6.7 GROUP FUNERAL SERVICE (MEDIUM TERM) The Church has a Group Funeral Service which is fairly doing well. However, has failed to penetrate the lay people because of its package. The unit is in need of a bus. Partners are being called to come and assist for the achievement of this goal. Our Group Funeral Service besides being a business unit plays a pivotal role in social responsibility. The bus can also be used for evangelization as well to transport our Evangelism national teams for Mass Gospel Crusades.

6.8 SCHOOL UNIFORMS FACTORY (MEDIUM TERM) Mission Department believes it is high time the Church establish a business unit that will produce uniforms for all of our schools. Employment will be created and revenue will fund the Mission of God. Our idea is that by December 2020 the factory will be in full operation. Partners are called to help the Church of God achieve this vision.

6.9 FARM ABBATOIR AND IRRIGATION SERVICES (LONG TERM) We imagine ourselves having a modern Abattoir at Waddilove Farm and a Refrigerated vehicle which will be used to supply meat to all our schools as a business unit. Furthermore, is the drilling of boreholes and establishment of drip irrigation. The Mission Department is appealing for Partners to regard this as necessary but long term. We are not only looking for resources but also for technical advice. In two years time we intent to open a Butchery at 7 Central Avenue with Greens Section from our Waddilove Farm.

6.10 CONFERENCE CENTRE (LONG TERM) A conference center for the Methodist Church in Zimbabwe is long overdue. This will be run professionally as a business unit. Will provide conference room, accommodation, and hospitality unit and community hall. Mission Department is appealing to Partners to link us with those they know for the manifestation of this vision. A BOT is also welcome

6.11 RESOURCE MOBILISATION: The Mission Department through its partners will raise resources which will be used by the Church at the discretion of the Department and Management. All partners will be informed of all the donations we receive without mentioning names but only when necessary. The Mission Director will meet with partners for updates, prayers and encouragement.

GIVING CONCEPT: Our understanding of giving is based on God’s giving. Everything begins with a seed. God linked seedtime and harvest, sowing and reaping, giving and receiving into the same thing. A harvest cannot happen without planting the seeds. For example, God aimed the giving of His Son who is the seed of seeds, Galatians 3 Vs 16, Genesis 3 Vs 15, Genesis 17 Vs 9, 2Samuel 22 Vs 51 and the seed that God sowed for a purpose that He might receive His lost family back to Him, John 3 Vs 16. He sowed with expectation of a miracle harvest. He received, and is still receiving. Do not just sow seeds without an aim and an expectation to receive. Your seed as a Partner can be weekly, monthly, yearly or once off or pick an item but all depends with what the spirit is saying and what one is sowing for.

EXHORTATION: Heroes and Heroines are women and men of faith who act on a need greater than themselves. Together we can better change conditions by turning to the desirable rather than turning from the undesirable. Thus, it is better to build a consciousness of good health than to fight illness, better to cultivate the consciousness of abundance than to struggle against poverty. Mission Department welcomes all partners on board. DEDICATION Psalm 27 Vs 13 “You shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.” God Bless!

1, Our major priority is the PA System and media equipment. We cannot continue to hire and hiring is proving very expensive. Our prayer is that by august 2020 the church and partners celebrate the manifestation of the dream. A lot of national events are lined up in august 2020. Mass gospel crusades are key in line with of our 200 000 membership drive by 2022 and the PA system together with the media equipment will play a significant role. Generator, tent and stage are all components of the PA system and media equipment.

2. It is our prayer that by July 2020 procument of sewing machines will start. The schools uniforms manufacturing factory to be in full operation by September 2020. A concept paper will be availed to all partners.

3. We dedicate 2020 to buying the boxed lorry and the Group Funeral Service Bus.

4. It is our hope that Waddilove farm and Thekwane Farm will generate enough funds in 2020 targeting the establishment of Waddilove farm Abattoir an irrigation service. 2020 is dedicated for this dream. The irrigation service will feed our greens shop at 7 Central Avenue in 2 years time.

5. 2020 is the target to operate 7 Central Greens and Butchery shop and buying of the refrigerated lorry.

6. Conference Centre construction is targeted to start in January 2022

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