Greetings to the people called Methodists and fellow Zimbabweans. 

I hope we are all now aware of the deadly covid-19 (Corona virus). Measures are being put in place on preparedness for corona  virus, a world emergency. In trying to protect the faithful school children, congregants and the entire nation from contracting or passing on the virus, the Presiding Bishop is advising societies, schools, institutions and all communities to take note of the following measures  with immediate effect,

  • Avoid holding of hands or handshakes during Prayer, church service or at the end of the service.
  • Sunday school children to be closely monitored by their teachers (avoid sharing food).
  • Place Hand Sanitizer or soap at strategic positions if the societies or institutions can afford.
  • Washing of hands after using the toilet is always very important.
  • Cover your mouth when sneezing or coughing.
  • Wash Communion cups in hot water using soap.
  • Our tradition is that we put holy Communion into the receiver’s hand, and not into the mouth.  Lets maintain that.
  • Those who distribute Holy Communion, ministers and the laity should wash their hands using running water ( pouring method) and soap before handling Holy Communion and in between serving.
  • Ministers and preachers to talk about corona on the pulpit, health committees and congregants to discuss corona virus during class meetings.
  • Lets be alert “for such a time as this ….” Ester 4 vs 13 – 14.

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